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Platform Support

How do I log into the event?

You went through registration, secured a ticket, and now you want to access your schedule, videos, and any other amazing content lined up. You don't need a password to follow these steps, just the email address you signed up with.

1. Navigate to the event site. Maybe you saved this as a bookmark, or maybe you found it in one of the event emails that was sent out to you after registration.

2. Click on the Login button that appears within the top navigation bar. If this doesn't appear and instead you see a three-dot menu (...) with Logout nested within - congrats, you're already in and can start viewing content (as per your ticket permissions, of course).

3. If you clicked Login, you'll be taken to a sign-in page where you can make sure 'I'm an attendee' is selected. Enter your email address in the field. This should be the exact same email you signed up for the event with.

4. After entering the right email address and pressing Continue, the login link will be sent via email.

5. Head to the inbox of the email address you used and find your login email. The subject line will read 'Sign in to' and then the event name. Click the Sign in now button, and you'll be taken to the event site where you'll now be logged in and taken to your personal schedule. Once logged in, you can edit your schedule or watch video content.

How do I join a session? 

When the time comes for a session to go live, you will receive an email reminder from HeySummit. In this email, we include the join URL so that you can join the live webinar.

Or you can navigate to My Schedule and click on the 'Watch now' button, which will lead you to the video session in a new window. 

What is Remo?

Remo will be the networking platform used for the event. Remo conference is a live online events platform that focuses on building authentic relationships by providing an immersive virtual space that simulates the real-world experience of attending events and conferences in the most effective way possible. With the help of different tables, floors & buildings, Remo provides a virtual space that empowers people to move around freely and connect, network, communicate & collaborate with each other.

Watch the video below to familiarize yourself with the setup! 

Registration and Payments 

BioPort Atlantic 2021 Conference Registrations Terms and Conditions

- Online registration more than 3 weeks prior to BioPort is strongly encouraged. While every effort is made to anticipate onsite registrations, there is no guarantee of the availability of distributed BioPort materials for late registrants. In this case, participation/materials are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority being given to registrants for the full conference.

- Registrations will not be entered into the system and considered valid until payment in full has been received by BioPort/BioNova. In the case of registrations where payment is made by cheque, BioNova MUST receive payment within 15 working days after submission of the registration for it to be accepted into the registration system as submitted and participation in events secured. Should payment not be received within the prescribed time period, the registration will be nullified and bookings in events opened up to other delegates. In the case of registrations received at early bird rates but nullified after the early bird rate is no longer available, the delegate will be required to register at the regular conference rate.

- Fees are subject to the date of registration and the registrant’s membership status and type.

-  Registrations are accepted only through the BioPort Registration system.

- Accepted payments methods are: cheque, Visa, and Mastercard. Cheque payments are subject to the terms noted above.

Refund Policy

Since the BioPort Atlantic 2021 conference incur certain expenses prior to the conference, it is necessary to impose the following cancellation policy:

- 21 working days before the event, or earlier: refund 100%

- 10-20 working days before the event: refund 100%, less $30 processing fee

- less than 10 working days before the event: no refund

There are no refunds possible less than 10 days before the event, however, a substitution from the same organization is possible at any time prior to the conference at no charge. All cancellations must be received via email at info@bionova.ca

Refunds will be provided by cheque or by applying a refund to the credit card used in registering. There will be no refunds granted for registrants who do not meet the conditions outlined above.